Chairman and Managing Director of Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibition Co. Dr. Esfahbodi

The importance of sea and role in the economy and people's life in the today's world is undeniable. Benefits of countries with sea borders with sea borders have direct relationship with requirements, capabilities and their culture, and actually national maritime policy will be developed baseed on these specifications. The policy is explained in terms of national maritime strategy and it may leads political, economic and military aims. Success in each of these goals depends on proper and effective utilization of manpower,equipment and regulations. Efficient and effective management of these resources in any country will turn that country to one of the maritime powers.Geographical advantages of our country are very much in the maritime domain. Having about 5800 kilometers of coastline, access to the sea on the north and south of the country, access to open waters (Indian Ocean), placing the country on the path of north-south transit corridors, connection of central Asian countries by southern seas are considered as the major geographical advantages of Iran maritime domain. Marine industries also has a special place in Iran's economy.

Accordingly, one of the most important geographic impacts of the maritime domain is the irreplaceable role of shipping in foreign trade, especially trascontinental transport.Transcontinental transport is considered as the safest and most cost-effective mode of transport, it also has a key role in the economic development. Now, this mode of transport encompass more than 90 percent of international transport of goods in the world. Iran has not been an exception from the above rule, and it allocate 80% of country's exports and imports in 1392 (2013-2014) to itself by movement of goods from ports and commercial docks. Hence it is necessary , to present this sustainable economic community by correct, scientific and normative information. Non-governmental organizations must play a leading role in development of marine activists. 

In this regard, the second international maritime exhibition of Iran aims to present the latest achievements and technologies in the world and creation of trade negotiations between the participants with the approach of sea oriented development policy. It is hoped that in addition to strengthening national self-esteem, we can contribute to the transmission of knowledge, participant attraction and foreign investment, by presentation of Iran's capabilities in this field.

Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company also thinks to all the experts, exexutives and professionals in the area, and is proud to be able to establish to context for holding the exhibition more glorious . We hope to promote glorious Iran in regional and global fields.