The 4th International Maritime Exhibition was held in following sectors:

1-Showing and introducing marine and maritime industries

2-Marine defends fields

3-Marine energy resources

4-offshore oil and gas companies

5-telecommunication achievements

6-Marine logistic services companies

7-Marine tourism and amusement capabilities and achievements

8-Water Sports Federation

9-Marine books and publications

10-Capabilities and achievements of coastal provinces

11-Marine environment

12-Marine handicrafts

13-Achievementsof marine institutessuch as using Nano technology in marine and maritime industries

14-Marine Associations as unions, universities, institutes and higher educational centers of Iran

15-Marine Classification Institutes

16-Coasts and ports engineering

17-Shipping companies achievements and port operator companies


The Message of Mohammad Rastad, Deputy of maritime affairs of PMO:

Having 5970 km of coastline length and being in the margin of the most important wold maritime region (Persian Gulf and Oman Sea), the largest world lake (Caspian Sea) and several thousand years history in international maritime, Islamic Republic of Iran has abundant capacities to grow marine and maritime industry.

The fourth international maritime exhibition of Islamic Republic of Iran is held 3-5 mehr 1395 equal to 24-26 September 2016 at the same time with world maritime national week in main Shabestan of Imam Khomeyni Mosalla in Tehran emphasizing on Iran capabilities in marine field, notyfying achievements, introducing the opportunities for sceintific and professional cooperation in national and international levels.

This event will be held in order to introduce maritime capabilities and achievements, to promote Iran maritime culture and present scientific and technological capabilities of Iran in marine logestic, to present international activities capabilities of this sector to marine logistic companies and activists in the world and also to introduce international investment fields in marine logistic of Iran.

Other objectives of this event are developing international cooperation level of exports, professionals and activists in maritime and transferring technologies in maritime field to the country, introducing marine logistic in public level, introducing investment opportunities in ports sectors and industries related to marine logistic.

The 4th international maritime exhibition will be held in the sectors: showing and introducing marine and maritime industries marine defense field, marine energy resources, offshore oil and gas companies, telecommunication achievements, marine electricity and electronic, marine logistic services companies, marine tourism and amusement capabilities and achievements, water sports federation, marine books and publications, capabilities and achievements of coastal provinces, marine environment, marine handicrafts, achievements of marine institutes such as using Nano technology in marine and maritime industries, marine associations and unions, universities, institutes and higher education centers of Iran, marine Classification institutes, coasta and ports engineering, shipping companies achievements and port operator companies.

At the same time with this event, international conference on introducing investment opportunities in marine will be held with the presence of international investors on 5 Mehr 1395 equal to 26 September 2016 in the exhibition venue where investment packages will be presented by organization and maritime companies.

Other plans of exhibition are attendance of economic counselors/advisors of foreign embassies located in Tehran 4-5 Mehr 1395 equal to 25-26 September 2016 in exhibition venue and also arranging B2B meetings with producers and activists of marine industry.

We hope that this event planed and performed with the attempt of maritime activists and authorities will meet its significant objectives for developing marine sector.