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Arya Plast Machine
Arya Plast Machine

Arya Plast Machine shuttle rotomolding machines introduction​

Arya Plast Machine is the largest company in the field of production and export of shuttle rotomolding machines in Iran.

The Shuttle rotomolding machines of Arya Plast Machine are machines with high loading capacity that are used to produce products in different dimensions and sizes.

This company is able to produce multi-layered products by using up-to-date software.

The Arya Plast Machine Group has the ability to produce all kinds of shuttle rotomolding machines , which include the following:

F-Shuttle rotomolding machine


The input material of the mentioned machines is in the form of powder, which is milled by a granule mill machine .

You can contact the numbers posted on the site to inquire about the price of shuttle rotomolding machines.

Before purchasing shuttle rotomolding machine , please read the description on this page to fully understand the specifications of these machines.

Purchase of F-Shuttle rotomolding machine

خرید دستگاه روتومولدینگ شاتل

purchase of shuttle rotomolding machine

خرید دستگاه روتومولدینگ F-Shuttle

Shuttle rotomolding machine components

The components of these machines include the following:

  • Furnace


    Cooling tub

    control panel

    Wagon rails


  • Arya Plast Machine shuttle rotomolding machines have a central furnace, and 2 stations that have 2 wagons with straight and offset arms.

Purchase of rotomolding machine of FQ-Shuttle

خرید دستگاه روتومولدینگ FC-Shuttle

Purchase of rotomolding machine of FC-Shuttle

خرید دستگاه روتومولدینگ FQ-Shuttle

The Arya Plast Machine shuttle rotomolding machine is a machine with a high loading capacity and in order to produce products in different dimensions, it is equipped with a central furnace that has facilities such as 2 multi-purpose areas for cooling and loading and unloading.

The molds installed on these machines rotate on two axes perpendicular to each other.

Using advanced technology and up-to-date software, multilayer products can be produced during the manufacturing process.

One of the most obvious advantages of the shuttle rotomolding machine of this collection is that you can easily change the molds and also use several molds at the same time.

Also, a variety of products can be produced and marketed by these devices.

One of the most important advantages of this device is that a series of accessories can be added to it. Such as thermometer and tachometer.

It should be noted that shuttle rotomolding machine has manual, automatic, and PLC-programmed capabilities.

The structure of the shuttle rotomolding machine is such that the number of mold carriages varies between 1 and 4. These cards work completely separately in the central furnace.

The duration of each phase for each arm molding cycle is independent of the other.

It is also necessary to mention that it is possible that the molding cycle of a part can be repeated without using wagons that may be under repair or changing the molds.

The manufacturing instructions for each rotomolding product are stored by the machine to be used in the future.

The arms of the shuttle rotomoulding machine can be straight, offset, or c-shaped.

model shuttle 3000 shuttle 6000 shuttle 10000 shuttle 20000
produced by
Aryaplast Machine Group

Aryaplast Machine Group

Aryaplast Machine Group

Aryaplast Machine Group
engine power big rotation(KW) 4 5.5 7 7
engine power small rotation(KW) 3 4 5.5 5.5
the capacity for 8 hours (kg) 900 1300 1800 3500
control type electric electric electric electric
cooling method air air air+water air+water
furnace made of steel made of steel made of steel made of steel
torch Iran radiator Iran radiator Iran radiator Iran radiator
ball bearingsJapanese and RomanianJapanese and RomanianJapanese and RomanianJapanese and Romanian
Electricity control manual
Voltage control device
Voltage control device
Voltage control device
Voltage control device
Maximum produced tank
(Lit) volume
3000 6000 10000 20000
inner diameter of the furnace(cm) 270 350 400 460

Ignition system

Iran Radiator burners or other reputable brands can be used in this device.

The machine control system

The device can be controlled in the following three ways:

Device optional items

Technical properties of the device

Specifications of arms and wagons

The wagons of the machine are mounted on a steel frame, which is placed on 6 wheels.

It is possible to move forward and backward for the wagon on the rail.

The offset and straight arms are equipped with main and secondary axes for the rotation of the mold around two independent axes inside the furnace. The power of electric motors depends on the capacity of the furnace.

The electric motors of the gearboxes provide power to the main and secondary axles. These electric motors are equipped with electromagnetic brakes.

Specifications of the cooling station

The cooling of molds is done with the help of airflow.

Cooling devices include 4 fans equipped with 2.2 kW electric motors.

The number of fans depends on the capacity of the device. At least 2 are used for each wagon.

Furnace specifications

Hot gas is blown into the furnace by one or more circulating fans located in the lower part of the heating chamber.

The remaining hot air can be blown into the heating chamber through the outlet suction installed on the top of the device.

This type of design has made the uniformity of heat to be maintained in the entire space of the furnace and the production to be done in the best possible way.

To insulate the furnace body, ceramic wool insulation is used, which is the best thermal insulation.

The general specifications of the furnace in this device are as follows:

The furnace is made using strong steel structures. The furnace body is covered with steel sheets inside and outside. The distance between the inner and outer walls of the furnace is covered with heat-insulating materials (ceramics) to reduce the heat transfer rate and increase the efficiency of the furnace.

The furnace burner has a UV sensor. This causes the gas flow to be cut off when the flame is disturbed.

By using suitable inverters, proper energy saving is done.

The design of the furnace is done in such a way that the deformation of the body caused by thermal stresses is prevented.

All cables have the required safety cover.


This device includes various items including FC-Shuttle, FS-Shuttle, FQ-Shuttle, and F-Shuttle.

Furnace, wagon, cooling tub, steering panel and wagon movement rails

By manual, automatic and PLC methods