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3840 colored polyethylene powder price

polyethylene powder price is related to some specific factors that we introduce in this article.

The quality of colored polyethylene powder has a significant effect on the quality of the manufactured product.

Having the most up-to-date extruder and grinding machines, Arya Plast Machine Group produces and supplies colored polyethylene powder in various colors and with the highest quality.

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پودر پلی اتیلن رنگی

In the rest of this article, we will introduce polyethylene powder and its uses and properties.

Polyethylene is one of the raw materials in the production of plastic products.

In the process of rotomolding, the quality of the produced polyethylene powder is very important, because the quality of the final product is significantly dependent on the quality of the powder.

In the production of rotomolding products, first, the raw materials enter the extruder or granule machine, and after going through the necessary processes, the output of this machine is colored granules.

Then the colored granules enter the grinding machine. As it is clear from the name of this machine, the input granule is crushed in this machine and the output is colored polyethylene powder .

The powder produced in this step is put into the rotomolding molds and then after closing the molds, they enter the rotomolding machine. By rotating these molds inside the oven and applying the necessary heat, the plastic materials stick to the oven wall and take the shape of the mold.

Then the cooling process is done and the finished products are taken out of the mold.

Polyethylene powder price and its applications

As mentioned, polyethylene powder is used in the production of polyethylene plastic products, so the polyethylene powder price will affect the price of the final product.

Among the products that are produced using this powder and with the rotational molding method, the following can be mentioned:

The cases mentioned above are only some parts of the cases of using polyethylene powder in the production of polyethylene products. The uses of this material are very large and it is used in the production line of various industries.

This material is a low-density synthetic resin, a member of the polyolefin resin family, which is prepared through the polymerization of ethylene.

In terms of application, it is known as one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Products such as food packaging, detergent bottles, fuel tanks, etc. are made of polyethylene.

Also, in various industries, they cut it or twist it into synthetic fibers to give it the elasticity of rubber.

It is clear that as there are different types of polyethylene such as low-density,high-density,etc., therefore the polyethylene powder price differs for each type.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, polyethylene material consists of different grades such as HDPE, PVC, LDPE, and PP, each of which has its own specific uses.

The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is resistant to moisture and chemicals, which is why it is used in the production of cartons and food containers, as well as pipes and other construction materials.

Polyethylene PVC, which is a hard plastic against air and chemicals, is used in construction. Since it is not a conductor of electricity, it is also used in the production of various wires and cables.

In addition, PVC has medical applications because it is impervious to microbes and is easily disinfected.

Other uses include credit cards, human and animal toys, oxygen masks, etc.

A softer, clearer and more flexible version of HDPE, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) are used as a liner on the inside of beverage cartons and on corrosion-resistant work surfaces.

Among its other uses, we can mention its use in the production of bread and sandwich bags, garbage bags, food bags, and drinking cups.

PP-type polyethylene is one of the most durable plastics. The distinctive feature of this material is its high-temperature resistance. For this reason, it is used in food packaging and in applications where food needs to be kept hot.

Its flexibility is high and it takes and keeps the new shape for a long time.

This is one of the important factors that has an effect on the polyethylene powder price .

What are the physical properties of polyethylene powder?

Now that you are familiar with the general nature and application and importance of polyethylene powder , in this part, we are going to introduce the physical properties of this material.

The physical properties of this material include the following:

Mechanical properties:

Polyethylene has low strength and resistance. But its malleability is high.

When touching, it feels waxy and this material shows significant creep due to continuous force.

Friction is also low in this material. Due to this obvious feature, polyethylene powder is widely used in plastic products manufacturing industries.

Thermal properties:

The melting point of polyethylene is relatively low. For low-density polyethylene and its commercial type, this value is in the range of 105-115 degrees Celsius. Of course, this amount depends on the type of polyethylene.

Chemical properties:

If we want to describe the chemical structure of polyethylene in a more specialized way, we must say that it consists of non-polar hydrocarbons with high molecular weight.

Polyethylene has different types and so-called grades such as LDPE, MDPE, and HDPE. These grades have high chemical resistance.

This material does not absorb water. Gas permeability is lower than other plastics.

It may be brittle if exposed to sunlight.

The thermal and chemical properties are the main factors that have influence on the polyethylene powder price

An image of polyethylene molecules

مولکوی های پودر پلی اتیلن رنگی

Electrical properties:

Polyethylene is a good insulator for electricity and is easily charged with an electric charge.

Optical properties:

This material can be transparent, milky and opaque. The mentioned different types of this material (LDPE, HDPE, etc.) have different transparencies.

You might be interested to know how polyethylene is obtained. In answer to this question, we must say that this substance is obtained by distilling hydrocarbon fuels (in this case ethane) into smaller groups called fractions.

Some of them are combined with catalysts to produce plastic.

This material is available in rod, sheet, and other special forms and in black and white colors, which makes it a good candidate for machining processes.

If you are wondering if this substance is poisonous or not, we must say that it is not in solid form! Therefore, polyethylene powder, which is used in various industries, is not toxic.

But if it is inhaled or absorbed in the skin or eyes as a vapor or liquid during the production process, it may be toxic.


Mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and optical properties

High density, low density, medium density and linear

Construction of boats, traffic barrels and New Jersey, all kinds of tubs, floating docks, and…

The important thing to keep in mind when buying polyethylene powder is that its price is usually higher than other plastics such as polypropylene, but due to its unique properties and wide applications, It is considered a very valuable material in making plastic parts.

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