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Arya Plast Machine
Arya Plast Machine

The fish breeding cage mold

The fish bracket cage mold is one of the roto-molding molds designed and produced by the Arya Plast Machine Group.

This product is one of the main equipment of cages for aquaculture. It is produced in different colors and sizes and plays a very important role in keeping cages floating on the water.

One of the most important things to pay attention to in the production of bracket cages is that they must have sufficient strength. Also, since humidity is high in maritime areas, they should have sufficient resistance to rotting and corrosion.

Long life and low cost in their maintenance are also things that must be taken into account in the production of these products.

All these features depend on things like production methods and the quality of raw materials. Also, the fish bracket cage mold that is used in its production must also have sufficient standards.

پایه قفس های نگهداری قفس پرورش ماهی

What are the types and uses of fish breeding cages?

These cages have different types, such as fixed, floating, and submersible type.

The fixed type is installed in shallow water environments. In fact, its building consists of poles that must sink into the ground. These poles keep the fish breeding nets stable.

The Arya Plast Machine Group is one of the leaders in the production of fish bracket cage mold and its polyethylene products.

You can contact the numbers on the website and get the necessary advice, both in the field of fish breeding projects and in the field of designing and producing molds and polyethylene products.

The role of the fish bracket cage mold in the production process

The fish bracket cage is used in the first stage of making this product.

This steel structure can be designed and produced according to the customer’s order and is made by cold rolling method.

The method of producing the fish bracket cages with these molds is that first, colored polyethylene powder is poured into them. Then the lid of the molds is closed and installed on the end of the bars. Then this system enters special ovens and rotates inside them along with the heating process.

After finishing the process of rotation and heating, the molds are taken out from the furnace and then the cooling process starts with water or air.

قالب پایه قفس پرورش ماهی

The fish bracket cage is designed and produced based on the dimensions and sizes of the order taken. For this reason, when it rotates inside the furnace, the final product is formed due to the adhesion of polyethylene powder to its wall.

Therefore, in the design of the mold, one should have enough expertise and skill to save the time and cost of production.