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Floating dock mold price and order

The floating dock mold is suitable for making polyethylene docks. This mold is made of steel, using the cold rolling method that is a polyethylene dock production equipment by the roto-molding way.

Arya Plast Machine Group is one of the most prominent designers and suppliers of the best type of floating dock mold in Iran. It was designed and built by the most experienced engineers in the industry to provide the best services to you.

This mold is a type of roto-molding mold, which is used in the rotary method to produce the final product, which is hollow plastic.

In the production of polyethylene docks, various equipment, and materials are used. Among this equipment are the following:

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We deal with various plastic products in the world around us. Each of these products is made in different ways.

Their dimensions and shapes are different and have various uses such as different kinds of plastic frames, cosmetic products, gardening equipment, and children’s toys to electronic and entertainment devices in larger dimensions.

Each of them is produced with a specific usege and with a specific purpose and by going through a special process.

There is a big world behind each of the production methods of these products. These methods differ from each other in terms of equipment, production speed and type of final product (hollow or solid) and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the common equipment among each of these methods is the mold. Because it shapes the shape of the final product.

For example, let’s say you plan to produce floating docks. According to the given description, the first thing you need is a floating dock mold .

This mold is designed according to the dimensions of the pier and then enters the production line.

What is the role of the floating dock mold in the production process?

What is the next stage of floating dock mold production?

Our group produces this polyethylene product by the rotomolding method.

Our designers first ask you the dimensions of the floating dock that you intend to use in coastal projects. Then, by preparing steel sheets and using the cold rolling method, they produce the corresponding molds that are in the form of customized products.

Now we have reached the product production stage.

In order to produce it, the polyethylene powder that has been prepared by the granule mill is poured into the  floating dock mold .

This powder is originally made of string granules. In other words, they enter the primary granule into special devices, the output of which is its string type. Then, these strands, which are colored, are pulverized and their powder is obtained.

At this stage, when the floating dock mold is filled, the materials inside must become molten to stick to its wall. Because the goal is to produce a hollow product.

The start of the melting process is done by installing the mold on special axes and rotating them inside special industrial furnaces. In fact, this material melts and sticks to its wall, with their rotation, due to the centrifugal force that arises and also due to the heat that enters the powder.

After the described steps, it is time for the cooling process. When the rotation and baking time is over, the floating dock mold is taken out of the furnace and because its temperature is very high, it is cooled by water or air flow.

At this stage, the floating dock that you ordered is ready.

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Features and applications of docks produced by us

The docks produced by us are produced using the latest European technology. Since this float is used in water environments, the material of its surface coating is very important, because it must have sufficient resistance to both impact and moisture.

Its uses include recreational (its type is common), military and fishing, and it moves along with the flow of water due to its buoyancy.

The dimensions and weight of this structure are different according to the substrate in which it is used. As a result, the floating dock mold should also be produced based on these design conditions.

The dimensions and weight of this structure are different according to the substrate in which it is used. As a result, the floating dock mold should also be produced based on these design conditions.

To order and inquire about the price of the floating dock mold , contact the phone numbers on the website and get the necessary advice from our experts, both for design and production.