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Granule extruder machine

A granule extruder machine is used in the rotational molding industry for the production of plastic products.

Also, this device is used in recycling plastic materials. In fact, products that are useless can be reentered into the production cycle with the help of this device.

This machine is considered one of the most prominent machines in the rotational molding industry. Another name for this device is “extruder”.

It should be noted that, unlike shuttle rotomolding machines , the granule extruder machine that is used in the production of Arya Plast Machine products is not a product of this company.

But you can entrust the production of your granules to us by paying a fee.

For more information, contact the numbers available on this website.

This device is also used in the rotomolding industry. In such a way that the primary material, which is plastic, is directed to the cylinder of the granule through the funnel.

This cylinder is pre-heated by heating zones and a temperature control system to go through the device process.

Then the molten plastic material is pushed toward the end of the mold by a screw. This screw rotates using an AC motor.

The extruded filaments are passed through a water-cooling tub and cooled. Then they enter a cutter unit.

The cutter cuts the strings to the sizes defined for the extruder machine, and the string granules are ready to enter the grinding machine.

Then the produced granules enter the granule grinding machine and turn into powder.

By pouring the obtained powder into the rotomolding molds and performing heating processes and rotating the materials in the mold, the final product can be produced as desired.

The polyethylene granules price has many fluctuations. The Arya Plast Machine is one of the leading producers and suppliers of this material in Iran. You can go here and call the numbers on this website and get the necessary advice to buy this material.

تصویری از دستگاه گرانول ساز

In the following, we introduce the advantages of the granule extruder machine that we use in the production of our granules:

What components does the internal structure of the extruder consist of?

The granule extruder machine consists of the following four main components:

Feed zone: In this area, the initial heat is given to the plastic material and transferred to the next area.

In this area, the depth of the screw should be designed in such a way that the material is fed to the measuring area in a sufficient amount. In other words, the number of nutrients should be adjusted to the next stage in such a way that it is neither overflowing nor much less than the permissible limit.

compression zone: As the name of this area suggests, this area is special for compression and density of materials. This compression occurs due to the reduction of the depth of the screw. One of the advantages of this compression is that it increases the quality of heat transfer by reducing the thickness of the material.

Measurement area: The depth of Mardon in this area is constant and is lower than the depth of the feeding area. The molten materials are uniformed in this area and are fed toward Hodeidah by applying the same pressure and heat.

Subcomponents: There are a series of sub-components that are added to the granule extruder machine to increase the quality of the output product.

For example, in order to ensure the homogeneity of the molten material in the measurement area, a mixing zone with a smaller step is used. Another example is the use of a ventilation area.

دستگاه اکسترودر

What are the types of the granule making machine?

This machine is divided into a single-screw extruder and a twin-screw extruder. Of course, there is another classification for it, and that is the classification based on feeding temperature. Based on this, extruders are divided into two categories: hot-feeding extruders and cold-feeding extruders.

In the following, we will explain each of the mentioned items.

Single screw granule extruder machine

This type of extruder is also known as a single-screw extruder. Their internal structure consists of a screw that is inside a cylinder.

Extruding using a single screw granule extruder machine was without tolerance. This device is able to simultaneously optimize the consumption of energy and materials.

The components of the single-screw extruder machine

The working method of the single-screw granule extruder machine is such a way that the raw material which is in the form of granules is first entered into the funnel and then directed to the screw.

Then it is time to heat these ingredients. In other words, the materials entered into the barrel are heated by the heat of the barrel heaters and the cutting caused by the movement on the edges of the barrel.

After heating, it is time to compress these materials. The compression process is also done due to the reduction of the depth of the passage along the screw.

After the compression stage is completed, the molten material is passed through the molds at the end of this machine and takes the shape of the final product.

An image of single-screw extruder

اکسترودر تک ماردونه

Twin-screw extruder machine

Usually, the output of these types of extruders is 3 times that of a single-screw extruder with the same speed and diameter.

In this device, the screws are not necessarily the same and may be conjugated or non-conjugated.

In this machine, the screws either rotate in opposite direction or in the same direction.

In the first case, as a result of the rotation of the screws, the material is cut and compressed.

In the second case, when the screws rotate in the direction of each other, the material is transferred from one screw to another one.

The granule extruder machine with screws that rotate in one direction is suitable for materials that are sensitive to heat.

In fact, materials are transported at high speed without settling.

An image of screws in a twin-screw extruder

ماردون ها در اکسترودر دو ماردونه

Types of extruders based on the temperature of the power supply

Based on this, the granule extruder machine is divided into two categories: hot feeding and cold feeding.

In hot-type extruders, the raw materials are pre-heated separately. While cold type extruders work with a rubber band and at ambient temperature.

The obvious difference between these two types of devices is the ratio of the length to the diameter of the screws.

In the hot-type extruder, the size of the device is smaller because a large amount of available energy is used to heat the material on the shaft. This makes the screw to be used only for transferring and applying pressure.

Advantages and disadvantages of the granule making machine

This machine is one of the most common and widely used machines in the plastic and polymer industry because it has significant advantages.

Among these benefits, the following can be mentioned:

Low cost


Ability to change shape after molding

Different devices are used for molding plastics. Extruder machine is cheaper and more economical than other machines.

The distinctive feature of this machine is that the products produced by it have the ability to be recycled and re-enter the production cycle.

Therefore, it reduces the cost of raw materials in the plastic industry.

The useful life of the granulator is usually long. Usually, this device can be used 24 hours a day. This makes it possible to produce products in high circulation.

A fixed cross-section is used in molding and making plastic products with this machine. This leads to increased flexibility in product design and production.

The advantage of this feature is that with a small change in the cross-section, various designs and shapes can be created.

An important thing to note is that the output of the granulator is not cool and has enough heat to change its appearance.

Therefore, plastic can be changed by using rollers.

Despite the many advantages that this device has, it also has a series of limitations like any other machine that we will mention below.


Error in device output measurement

The price of the device


As mentioned, the output of this device is a material with a high degree of heat. In fact, this change in temperature leads to the expansion and deformation of the material.

This case is one of the challenges of the manufacturers because estimating the amount of expansion is not an easy task and it also affects the resistance of the material.

The price of the granule-making machine depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is its production capacity, the higher the capacity, the higher the price.

Among other things that affect the price of this device, the following can be mentioned:


the type of alloy that is used

Existence of gasification systems

Simple or advanced device


In the following, we have collected the most important points mentioned in this article:

This device is divided into two categories, single and double, in terms of the number of screws, and in terms of the temperature of the power supply, it is divided into two categories: hot and cold.

The advantages:

Low cost, flexibility, ability to change shape after molding

The disadvantages:

Error in device output measurement, device price


The alloy used in the process

Existence of gasification systems

Simple or advanced device


For more information on the granules produced by Arya Plast Machine, please contact the phone numbers on the website.