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Granule grinder machine order and price

The granule grinder machine of Arya Plast Machine is suitable for grinding different kinds of polyethylene (PE) granules by using the most up-to-date technology.

If you are familiar with the rotational molding industry, you must know that the steps taken in this industry consist of 4 phases.

In the first step, the raw material, which is in the form of powder, is poured into the molds and then the lids of the molds are closed.

In the second step, the molds enter the shuttle rotomolding machine and the heating and baking process begins.

In the third stage, the molds are taken out of the furnace and the cooling process begins.

And finally, in the last step, the formed product is taken out of the molds.

Before buying a granule grinder machine , read the description on this page.

Arya Plast Machine produces and supplies granule grinding machines with the highest quality powder.

To inquire about the price of the granule mill, you can visit here and call the phone numbers on the site.

Before buying a granule grinder, we suggest you read the description on this page.


An image of a granule grinder machine

دستگاه آسیاب گرانول

What is the role of the granule mill machine in this process?

The requirement for production by rotational molding is the use of polyethylene powder.

The raw material that is poured into the mold in the first step must be available in powder form before the melting process.

In fact, the granule grinder machine turns polyethylene into powder. Then, by a series of special machines, molten material is prepared from this powder.

Therefore, the role of the granule grinder machine is to prepare the primary powder for making plastic products.

The internal structure of the polymer granule mill machine

If we want to describe the components of the polymer granule mill machine , it includes the following:

Original helix and stone 

electric valve




Powder vacuum

Granule vacuum

The granule grinding machine includes 2 stones in its internal structure.

The purpose of using stones in the internal building of this machine is to pulverize the input material.

In other words, the primary material, which is in the form of granules, is directed toward the stones.

Then it is passed through them and after crushing, it comes in the form of powder and comes out of the machine.

The granule mill machine of this collection has high speed and its stones have very high strength.

The finer the powder, the more uniform the final product is, and the molecular bond between polymer molecules is better formed during baking.

In fact, the finer and more uniform the powder, the higher the quality of the product and the shorter the production time. And since the quality is increased, the impact resistance is increased too.

Technical specifications of the granule mill machine

High mill efficiency

Ease of operation

Minimum manpower required

minimum impurities production

Automatic operation

Has a screen

Ability to easily adjust the cutting gap

Low depreciation

Low noise production

Production of uniform powder in specific meshes

Easy maintenance and service

Low cost of repairs

model Aryapr120 Aryapr250
produced byArya Plast Machine GroupArya Plast Machine Group
main engine power(KW) 100 HP(speed: 3000 ) 50 HP(speed: 3000 )
capacity(kg/h) 120 250
control method electric electric
number of stones 4 2
(cm)stone diameter 40 55
blade material SPK SPK
cooling method water and gear oil water and gear oil
temperature (C) 40-100 40-100

Now that you are familiar with the capabilities of the granule grinder in general, we are going to explain the grinding process in the rest of this article.

The grinding process in rotational molding is considered a very important process.

Literally, grinding means the process of applying external force to a solid material of a certain size, in order to destroy and crush it into small dimensions.

Doing this process should be done very accurately and efficiently, because it will have a great impact on the quality of the final product.

Mills are engineered machines that are used to crush materials such as plastic, aluminum, glass, concrete, stone, coal, etc.

These devices are also used in the milling process in rotational molding. In fact, the granule is pulverized by it so that the raw material is poured into the molds.

It should be noted that the grinding machines are very heavy, but despite the weight, they can be controlled by one person.

It is also better to know that the grinding process is not only used to grind materials, but it is also known as a process for developing and making newer materials.


With the increase in the need for quality plastic powders, the milling process in rotary molding is considered an early and important step in the plastic products manufacturing industry.

In fact, in the rotational molding process, the raw material of the plastic must be crushed and turned into powder. By doing this, the melting process is done faster and better.

In general, mills are used to produce small parts from raw materials so that these small parts can be used for medical purposes, pipe making, the food industry, etc.

According to the explanations given, the mills are also divided into different categories such as crushers and crushers.

The process of crushing materials by mills is such that the raw material enters this machine, then rotates inside it, and during rotation, the final crushed material comes out of the granule mill machine with the blows it receives.

Stone crushers are mostly used to reduce the size of very hard materials such as stone.

Learn more about the milling process

In the previous sections, we talked about the grinding process and the granule grinding machine in rotational molding.

Stay with us in this section to learn more about the grinding process.

The external force that enters the object causes it to change its shape elastically.

When the amount of this force exceeds the tolerance threshold of this material, the material begins to crack and crumble.

In general, there are 2 types of destruction for these components:

  1. Surface crushing
  2. Volumetric crushing

In the first type, small pieces are separated from the surface of the material. Over time, these small pieces make larger pieces.

In the second type of mill, destruction occurs in the entire volume of the material instead of the surface.

The desired material is divided into smaller pieces and this process continues until these pieces form a piece with suitable dimensions.


What is the mechanism of the mill?

Craftsmen who work in the field of rotomolding must be fully familiar with the grinding mechanism and consequently with the granule mill mechanism.

Because as mentioned before, the powdering process for plastic production must be done with high sensitivity.

In the milling process, the external force applied to the parts can be divided into 4 categories:

فرآیند آسیاب در دستگاه آسیاب گرانول

Of course, it is better to know that the actual grinding mechanism is a bit more complicated.

In other words, in the granule mill machine and in general in mill machines, instead of one type of force, usually several types of force are applied to the desired object at the same time.

In the following, we will give a brief explanation of each of the mentioned items:


Grinding by compression method:

In this method, 2 surfaces slowly come into contact with each other and slowly compress the object placed between them.

Therefore, an object with large dimensions is crushed and divided into smaller dimensions.

Impact mill:

In this method, a high-speed striker (for example, a hammer) hits the target object. Therefore, the object is crushed.

This method is mostly used to obtain objects with dimensions of about 10 cm or less.

Grinding by the cutting method:

In this method, a wedge is used to divide the desired object into smaller dimensions. This method is mostly used for grinding fragile objects.

Grinding by friction method:

In this method, the required object is placed between two planes that are moving relative to each other. 

This creates friction somewhere between the object and the surfaces, and as a result, small pieces are scratched from the surface of the object.

By applying pressure to these objects, the powder is obtained from the surface of the object over time.


For more information about the Arya Plast Machine granule grinder machine and also to receive the necessary advice for services related to granule grinding, please contact the numbers on the site.