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Purchase and price of polyethylene jersey barrier mold

The jersey barrier mold designed and manufactured by Arya Plast Machine is suitable for all types of polyethylene jersey barriers used in the rotational molding method.

In addition to molds, this company has the ability to produce polyethylene jersey barriers and is considered one of the leaders in this field.

You can visit here to order the jersey barrier mold  , buy it and inquire about its price, and get in touch with the experts of this collection to get the necessary guidance in buying a suitable and high-quality jersey barrier mold.

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How to make a jersey barrier mold?

The Arya Plast Machine jersey barrier mold is made by the cold rolling method. This method is one of the methods used in making industrial molds. For more information in this field, enter the following link:

rotomolding mold price

As mentioned, the jersey barrier mold that this company uses to make the final product is made by the cold rolling method. Since the jersey barrier is produced by the rotomolding method, the first tool to be opened is the mold.

If we want to further explain the role of the mold in the production of this product, we will introduce the manufacturing steps below:

The first step in making a plastic jersey barrier is to prepare the polyethylene powder. In fact, first, this colored powder is poured into the mold and the lid is closed.

Then it is put into special devices and by rotating and applying the necessary heat, the inner material melts and sticks to the mold wall.

And finally, after the cooling operation, the final product is taken out.

Now that you are familiar with the production process of the jersey barrier mold , stay with us in the rest of this article to explain what jersey barrier is and what its uses are.

What is jersey barrier?

Jersey barriers are barriers that are used to separate traffic lanes or create traffic barriers.

One of the most important goals of using this barrier is to prevent cars from hitting head-on. In addition, due to the presence of a small angle in the edges, it prevents damage to cars, which, of course, using its plastic-type, guarantees this more.

Another important use is blocking roads and passages.

How has the development process of jersey barrier been?

The name of this barrier is taken from the American state of New Jersey. In the 1950s, this state used it for the first time to separate highway lanes. These pieces were not modular, and their height was shorter than today’s barriers.

With the passage of time, the technologies used in the production of this product made significant progress in such a way that a variety of new methods were used in their production.

The Jersey barrier was used for the first time in 1375 In our country.

As you can see, the jersey barrier is one of the most widely used and important parts used in the road construction industry. Therefore, its design must be done in principle and with high precision. High-quality materials should also be used in the production of this piece.

Therefore, the role of the jersey barrier mold is emphasized here. The quality of these molds will have a significant impact on the quality of the final product.

Arya Plast Machine can produce the polyethylene jersey barrier you need by designing and producing the best type of jersey barrier mold.

The jersey barriers produced by these molds are integrated and the parts produced by them have high resistance.

For more information in this field, contact the numbers on the website.

How many types of ingredients does jersey barrier have?

Jersey barrier is divided into the following two types according to the type of ingredient:

The concrete type

The plastic (polyethylene) type

In the first type, parts cannot be joined together without a joint. This piece is mostly used on winding roads.

The articulated jersey barrier building is articulated in such a way that they have a special cavity. These holes are built with the purpose of passing steel bars through them. Their use is mostly on the side of the roads and they act as a strong wall.

In the third type, the parts are completely attached to each other and are used on the sides of rivers, streets, and roads.

The materials used in the concrete jersey barrier include cement, concrete, water, and a series of additives.

The water used should not be drinking water, because it is slightly acidic. In fact, the water used in making this piece must be free of any alkaline and acidic substances.

Concrete additives are also used to increase the strength, quality, and uniformity of the surface and are in the form of powder or liquid.

The second type of jersey barrier (plastic jersey barrier ) is mostly used at the urban level. They are usually made of heavy polyethylene with high density, they are hollow and they weigh less.

To increase their resistance, they are filled with aggregates.

The diversity of this type of jersey barrier is more than its concrete type and they can be produced in different colors.

How can you order jersey barrier mold ?

As mentioned before, Arya Plast Machine is one of the leaders in the production of jersey barrier mold and other polyethylene product molds in Iran. In addition, this company also produces polyethylene jersey barrier, which is of high quality.

To order the production of the jersey barrier mold , you can send a photo or a map to the experts of this collection.

After sending, things such as the weight and thickness of this product will be calculated and the price of the jersey barrier mold will be announced to you, as well as the price of the polyethylene product if needed.

It is necessary to point out that the material of the molds is steel.

Jersey barrier applications were described at the beginning of the article. In addition to things like changing the direction of traffic, separating different areas of space (for example, separating different spaces of a gas station), protecting pedestrians and construction project workers, directing rivers, and dams, and preventing the spread of fire. There are other advantages too.


For example, it prevents the reflection of the light of the opposite cars at night.


In this article, we have answered the following questions. Studying them can help you in ordering a jersey barrier mold .

Jersey barriers are barriers that are used to separate traffic lanes or create traffic barriers.

It can be used to change the direction of traffic, separate different areas of space, protect pedestrians and construction project workers, guide rivers, and prevent car accidents.

In terms of the type of material, this piece is divided into two categories: concrete and plastic (polyethylene).

Into 3 categories: without connection, articulated and palate connection.

The jersey barrier mold produced by this company is made of steel and is made by the cold rolling method.