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Life ring mold Order and purchase

The life ring mold is used to produce different types of polyethylene life rings in different sizes and weights.

This floater has strong buoyancy and is produced by rotary molding.

Its most important features are its high stability and strength, and due to its optimal performance, it guarantees high safety for consumers.

The Arya Plast Machine Group company is one of the leaders in designing and producing different types of life ring molds for designing and producing polyethylene rings.

To order this mold, which is produced by rotomolding, call the numbers on the website and get the necessary advice from the specialists of this collection to order design and production.

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What is the method of producing this floater using the life ring mold?

Since the production method of this polyethylene floater by Arya Plast Machine Group company is roto molding, the life ring mold is one of the primary and required equipment.

The production method of this polyethylene product consists of four stages.

In the first step, colored polyethylene powder is poured into this mold as raw material and the mold lid is closed.

This colored powder is obtained from colored filament granules and is the output of the mill machine.

After this step, the mold is installed on the axes perpendicular to each other and enters the special shuttle ovens. Inside these furnaces, the mold rotates and during rotation, high heat is applied to it.

During heating and rotation, due to the centrifugal force that enters this rotating system, the colored powder becomes molten and sticks to the inner wall of the mold.

Since the life ring mold is designed in the shape of the final product, the final product is obtained by sticking the molten material to the wall of the mold.

After the final product is formed, the cooling of the mold is done and the produced product is taken out of the mold.

Among the factors that affect the quality of the manufactured product are the dimensions of the powder. It should be noted that powder with small dimensions increases the uniformity of the product.

Also, another factor affecting the quality of the manufactured product is the mold. The produced molds must have sufficient strength and not lose their resistance to high heat.