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Arya Plast Machine

Designing and ordering the marker buoy mold

The marker buoy mold is a designed structure made of steel, which is used by the Arya Plast Machine Group in the production of marker buoys using the rotational method.

These molds, which are known as rotary molds, are used in the production of polyethylene buoys by rotary molding.

The Arya Plast Machine Group equipped with the most advanced equipment is one of the leaders in the design and production of these molds. You can call the phone numbers on the website to order these molds.

It should be noted that all these buoys are produced by the cold rolling method.

What is the role of marker buoy mold in the production process of this product?

As mentioned, the marker buoy mold is produced by the cold rolling method. This method is a common method in shaping metals. In this method, the part of the desired metal that we want to deform is pressed by passing through two rollers.

The movement of these rollers is done by the power of a motor. Due to the application of this force, the rollers move in opposite directions and the desired metal is formed slowly.

The production process of polyethylene floater by marker buoy mold is done in 4 steps.

In the first step, this mold is filled with colored powder that is previously powdered by the grinding machine, and the mold door is closed by special keys.

In the second stage, the molds are installed on the axes perpendicular to each other and then they enter special ovens.

Since the production method of the final product is the roto-molding method, these molds rotate inside the ovens.

During the rotation process, heat is applied to them at the same time and as a result of heating and rotation and due to the application of centrifugal force, the powder becomes molten and sticks to the inner wall of the marker buoy mold.

The next step is the cooling step. At this stage, the mold is taken out of the furnace and a cooling operation is performed on it due to the flow of water or air.

قالب فولادی بویه نشانه گر

What are the markings and uses of this float?

As it is clear from the name of these buoys, these floaters are used to mark water areas.

This marking can be used to specify a range and can represent the direction of public transportation.

Their colors are diverse and each of these colors has a specific meaning.

Special numbers and symbols are used on their bodies. The odd or even number of these numbers and their marking type determines the type of range and direction of rotation.

For example, a green buoy indicates the right turn direction when entering channels from open water.

The various shapes that are available for this floater include spherical, rod, conical, trapezoidal, etc.

In the advanced type of these floaters, optical systems are used, and the power supply of these lights is supplied by solar cells, electricity, batteries, etc.

The Arya Plast Machine Group designs and manufactures various types of marker buoy molds with expert craftsmen and engineers.

You can entrust the production of your buoys to us and get the necessary advice from the specialists in our collection to choose the right type of this float.