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Mooring buoy mold order and price

Mooring buoy mold is one of the types of molds that are used in the production of polyethylene products in water areas such as seas, oceans, etc.

Since the final product is formed inside special molds in the plastics molding industry, therefore one must have sufficient precision and skill in designing these molds.

One of the methods of producing hollow polyethylene products is rotational molding. Since the mooring buoys used in the containment network of water areas are hollow, the roto-molding method is a suitable option for their production.

All the stages of design and production of the mooring buoy mold are done by the Arya Plast Machine Group and can be ordered.

قالب بویه مهاری

In what process is the mooring buoy mold used?

This buoy is used in the restraint network of all kinds of ships, boats, and other means of transportation and marine structures, including fish breeding cages.

In the production of this marine vessel, various equipment, and raw materials are used. Among these pieces of equipment are the granule mill, its pulverizer, shuttle machines, etc.

The primary production material of this product is polyethylene powder, which is turned into powder by the mentioned equipment, and then enters special shuttle devices along with the mooring buoy mold .

In other words, the production method of this product is that first the stringy granule is ground and turned into a colored powder, then this powder is put into the mold and its lid is closed.

Then, the molds are installed on special bars and the final product is formed by rotating inside special furnaces and heating.

In fact, by applying heat, the polyethylene powder becomes molten and sticks to the mold wall.

After the heating and rotation process is finished, the molds are taken out of the furnace and the cooling operation begins.


قالب چرخشی بویه مهاری

What equipment does this vessel have and what features should it have?

In using this type of buoy, special equipment is used. Among these pieces of equipment are chains, ropes, and sinkers.

Since these floaters are used for anchoring and restraining, they must float on the surface of the water. Sinkers, which are made of cement, are placed on the sea floor for this purpose. Then it is connected to the buoy floating on the surface of the water by ropes or chains.

The sinkers must have enough density to be placed on the sea floor, and we recommend the use of quality and strong ropes to connect to the buoys.