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Arya Plast Machine
Arya Plast Machine

Designing and ordering paddle wheel mold

The paddle wheel mold designed and produced by the Arya Plast Machine Group is used in the production of polyethylene paddle wheel aerators by roto-molding method.

An aerator is a device that is used in aquatic breeding ponds to increase the percentage of oxygen in the water.

This amount of oxygen percentage decreases due to various factors, including the increase in water temperature, the intensity of radiant light, various pollutants, etc.

The aerator creates a circulation on the surface of the water due to the vanes embedded in its internal structure. Due to this water circulation, air and water are combined with each other, and gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide are released from the water.

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How is the production method of the paddle wheel mold ?

The polyethylene paddle wheel of the Arya Plast Machine Group is made by the rotary molding method.

In this method, the paddle wheel mold is first designed and produced according to the customer’s order. This mold is made of steel and is made by the cold rolling method.

After the preparation of this mold is done, the production process of the polyethylene products begins.

In the first step, polyethylene powder is entered into the paddle wheel mold as a raw material. After the mold is filled with powder, its lid is closed and it is ready to enter the special ovens.

Inside these furnaces, the mold rotates during heating, and due to the rotation, the molten material sticks to its wall.

Since the mold is designed and made based on the final product, by rotating it and sticking the material to its inner wall, the final polyethylene product is formed.

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How is the amount of water oxygen gas supplied?

The paddle wheel made by the paddle wheel mold is used in various types of substrates, such as aquaculture cages, aquaculture ponds, water behind dams, lakes, etc.

Normally, about 20% of water is made up of oxygen gas. The supply of this gas takes place through air and photosynthesis.

Aeration actually means the transfer of oxygen gas from the outside air into the water.

The amount of its transmission depends on factors such as the number of waves formed on the water, the ratio of the surface to the volume of the pool, the difference between the amount of dissolved oxygen and its concentration in the saturated state, etc.

The Arya Plast Machine Group is one of the pioneers in the design and manufacture of paddle wheel molds.

The polyethylene product and finally the device produced by it has high efficiency, does not harm the fish, does not muddy the water, has high buoyancy, is easy to set up and install, and has low energy consumption. It has the ability to move and transfer.

To learn more about this field and receive the necessary advice, as well as to order the design and production of the paddle wheel mold, please contact the numbers on the website.