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Arya Plast Machine

plastic pulverizer machine price and order

The plastic pulverizer machine is a functional device in the recycling of plastic materials.

Plastic is one of the primary materials whose entry into the recycling cycle greatly contributes to the environment’s health.

The amount of buying and selling plastic pulverizer machines is also increasing day by day and many recycling centers are operating in Iran.

In general, these machines have the ability to crush different kinds of plastics due to the variety of wastage.

As you know, plastics can be considered as one of the most important recycled materials. The plastic shredder must be ordered and purchased with great care.

Because the quality of the grinding process performed by these machines has a direct impact on the quality of the manufactured product.

The plastic pulverizer machine designed and produced by Arya Plast Machine is of the highest quality.

The design of this device has been done with the most up-to-date technology and by capable engineers in this field.

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The distinctive features of this machine made by Arya Plast Machine include the following:

This machine is used to crush different kinds of plastics.

Another grinding machine designed and produced by Arya Plast Machine is the granule grinder machine.

The output of this machine is polyethylene powder, which after entering the rotomolding process, the final product is obtained.

دستگاه خرد کن پلاستیک

What are the types of plastic pulverizer machine?

In general, grinding machines are divided into three main groups:  crushers, impactors, and pulverizers.

 Crushers are designed in such a way that they are used to reduce the size of dense and large materials and convert them into small pieces.

One of the most common crushers is called a jaw crusher, whose internal structure consists of two jaws, one of which is fixed and the other is movable.

Impactors are also used to reduce the size and separation of materials.

Impactors are very similar to crushers and differ from each other in the amount of reduction in the dimensions of the input materials.

In pulverizers, the friction force is used to crush materials.


There are two groups of plastic shredders according to the type of shredder:


Sword type pulverizer

Hammer type pulverizer

Piece plastic pulverizer

flat pulverizer


In the following, we will give a brief explanation of the above items:



Sword type pulverizer:

In this machine, after the plastic materials enter a special chamber, they are crushed with sharp blades at a high speed. In fact, this device is similar to a meat mincer.

Usually, the power consumption in these devices is very low. It is very easy to work with this device.

Hammer type pulverizer:

The internal structure of this device has a heavy hammer. This hammer hits plastics like a big mortar and crushes them.

Usually, the material of the inner layer in them is made of steel.

Piece plastic pulverizer:

In this type of pulverizer, air-sealed bearings are used to ensure long-term circulation.

Their application is usually in crushing plastic tubes and profiles, packaging plastics, and extrusion mold products.

flat pulverizer:

This type of mill is suitable for crushing thin materials such as woven bags and fibers and small hollow products.


Each of these devices has a special system for grinding plastic materials. Since in the hammer type, a large weight covers the surface of the material, we rarely see materials being thrown. This leads to operator safety.

One of the limitations that may occur in the hammer type is not crushing the tiny parts. In other words, small parts may be eaten but not crushed. But there is no such problem in the sword model.

In general, none of the introduced models can be considered superior. Each of them is marketed with different strengths and the difference is in the amount of material that must be crushed and ground.

Polyethylene powder price has many fluctuations. The Arya Plast Machine is one of the largest producers of this material in Iran. You can call the numbers on the website and get the necessary advice to order and buy this material.

Types of grinding methods

The methods used in the plastic pulverizer machine include two items:

dry pulverizer

wet pulverizer


If we want to compare these two methods, we must say that the dry method has the following characteristics:

The features of the wet method also include the following:

دستگاه پلاستیک خرد کن

Factors affecting the speed of the plastic pulverizer machine

The properties and characteristics of the input materials of the plastic shredder, which are called “feed” in the industry, have a significant impact on the speed and amount of energy consumed by the machine.

For example, it is difficult to grind soft materials such as polyethylene. Because a lot of energy is consumed due to the force of friction between soft plastics and mill blades.

In general, the parameters affecting the speed of the plastic pulverizer machine include the following:

Among the things that affect the quality of the blades and consequently the quality of the manufactured product, the following can be mentioned:

There are pulverizers whose blades are made of diamonds. These blades do not need to be sharpened and their cost is very high.

In general, increasing the size of the cutting chamber and the type of blade has a direct effect on the production and performance of the machine.

Why is water used in the plastic shredder?

In dry systems, the blades are heated and may melt after long-term operation due to the frictional force. Also, the presence of friction between the rotor and blades leads to slowness of the blades.

This disrupts the performance of the device.

Therefore, water is used as a lubricant and a coolant in this system. The presence of this liquid prevents friction between parts and prevents them from overheating.

Therefore, its presence in the device is very important

The Arya Plast Machine Group designs and supplies different types of machines and equipment for the rotomolding industry.

You can enter the blogs section in the menu and read the articles written in the field of this technology for a general introduction to this industry.

The advantages of using a plastic shredder

Using this device will help you to have a separate industrial device. In fact, artisans can use this device as a shredder for their production waste and prepare their own raw materials. Therefore, the costs of factories and workshops will be saved.

In addition, you can take the waste produced by other productions as the input material of this machine and supply their raw materials as well.

Points to follow when using this device

The amount of input material (feed) should not be more than the capacity of the device.

Make sure that the blades are strong, if they are not strong, they will cause serious damage to the device.

Make sure the blades are clean.

Note that sometimes the net or mesh is blocked due to the presence of impurities. In order to avoid reducing the efficiency of the device, replace the mesh nets regularly.

Before turning off the device, make sure that there is no material left in the device.

In the process of recycling by the plastic pulverizer machine , the recycled materials are first shaped into sheets. These sheet materials are treated in 2 ways:


direct grinding

melt compounding


In the following, we will explain each of the above methods:

Direct grinding: In this method, these prepared sheets are directly entered into the plastic pulverizer machine to produce the desired powder.

Molten composition: In this method, an extruder machine and antioxidant materials are usually used. Then the desired material is made into a ball shape and enters the machine to produce the powder.


It should be noted that the second method is more expensive than the first method.


The advantage of this method is that using it is the only way by which antioxidants can be added to materials to produce more uniform physical properties.

These produced materials can have many uses.

When two substances are combined with each other, the density calculation will be linear. For example, by combining two materials with densities of 0.930 (cubic cm/gram) and 0.940 (cubic cm/gram) in a 50% mixture (that is, each of these materials is in the same proportion in this mixture), the final material with The density is 0.935 (cubic centimeters/gram).

A very important point to note is that the use of recycled materials is not recommended for some applications, although studies have shown that these materials can be recycled and re-entered the production cycle up to 5 times.

The quality of the powders used is also very important and the raw materials must be well mixed so that the properties of the product are not reduced.


The most important points mentioned in this article are summarized below:

Dry and wet methods are the two main methods of this process. The cost of the dry type of grinding is lower, it is done in air and inert gases, while in the wet type, liquids such as water are used.

Things like blade material, number of blades, electric motor speed, net dimensions, and the type and intrinsic properties of input materials are factors that affect the speed of the mill.

Water is used as a lubricant and coolant in this system. In fact, this liquid reduces the friction between parts and prevents overheating of parts such as blades and vanes.