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Arya Plast Machine
Arya Plast Machine

Rotomolding mold purchase and price

The molds of the Arya Plast Machine are produced using the “cold rolling” method, which is considered one of the metal forming methods.

Steel sheets are first prepared, then they are arced using the cold rolling method during the production process of molds, and finally, their welding process is done using CO2 and argon welding apparatus.

In order to purchase rotational molding molds produced by this company, it is better to get familiar with this company’s molds:
Floating dock mold
water storage tank mold
jersey barrier mold
fish breeding tub mold
buoys mold
paddle wheel mold
bracket cage mold
It should be noted that you can entrust the manufacturing of your product molds to the Arya Plast Machine.
Among the custom molds produced by Arya Plast Machine Group, we can mention the battery cover, animal mold, and poultry cover mold.
It should be noted that the raw materials that enter the molds in the form of powder are first made into colored granules by the granule-making machine and then they are powdered after going through the grinding process.

All custom molds produced by Arya Plast Machine can be exported to different countries.

It should be noted that you can entrust the manufacturing of your product molds to this company.

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A picture of water storage tank mold

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Stay with us in the rest of this article to learn more about the cold rolling method.

The production omolds using the cold rolling method

The rotational molding industry is a broad industry that includes many types.

There are various methods for makingmolds, and below we will introduce one of these methods, which is called cold rolling.

Cold rolling is one of the methods used in shaping metals.

The cold rolling method is especially used in shaping metal sheets and in the production of iron profiles, etc.
If we want to give a brief explanation of this process, we must say that a part of the material to be deformed is passed through two rollers and is pressed.
The rollers move in opposite directions due to the applying force by a motor, and the forming operation is done slowly and step by step.
The thickness of the sheet is constant during the forming process, and this distinguishes the cold rolling method from other rolling methods.
Compared to the casting method, the rolling method is one of the best methods of shaping metals in terms of quantity and production volume.
Therefore, this method is very efficient in making molds .
As mentioned, cold rolling consists of several continuous steps.
In each step, the metal is deformed more than in the previous step.
Each step consists of at least two rollers that make up the roller station.
The number of stations depends on a series of parameters, including metal properties, etc.

cold rolling method machine introduction

The rolling machine consists of various components that we mention below:




Electrical and mechanical equipment


The rollers are placed on the shelf.

These shelves are divided into different categories based on the number and arrangement of molds, such as two-roller, three-roller, etc.

Most of the sections produced by this method fall into the following categories:

The Stages of the production line of cold rolling products

The production line of the cold rolling method in making molds consists of the following three main stages:

Among the tools used in the first stage, the following can be mentioned:

Among the tools that are used in the second stage , the following can be mentioned:

Among the devices used in the final stage of making  molds, the following can be mentioned:

The cold rolling method advantages

At the beginning of this article, it was said that the molds produced by the Arya Plast Machine are produced by the cold rolling method.

Here are some of the advantages of this method:

Ideally, almost any shape with any cross section can be produced by cold rolling.

The limitation that may exist in this method is that more steps may be needed in the production of a section than what the device provides.

Therefore, in such a situation, another method should be used to produce the required part.


what is the difference between cold and hot rolling method?

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Now that you are generally familiar with the production process of molds and you have realized that this method is thermally divided into hot and cold categories, it is better to know the advantages and disadvantages of the hot rolling method.

If the metal temperature is higher than its recrystallization temperature, it is hot rolling.
But if the temperature of the metal is lower than its recrystallization temperature, it is known as cold rolling.

In the hot rolling method, the desired metal is passed through two rollers that rotate in opposite directions.

Due to the friction that occurs between the metal and these rollers and also due to the speed of rotation of the rollers being higher than the rail on which the metal is located, the metal is pushed forward and its thickness decreases.

A lot of precision has been done in the dimensions of the sheets of the cold rolling process. These sheets are produced with a small thickness.


The hot rolling method advantages