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What is masterbatch and what are its uses

What is masterbatch and what are its uses

What is masterbatch ? What are its types and what are its applications?

These are the questions that we intend to answer in this article. So stay with us until the end of this article.

If you have experience working in the plastic industry,  Masterbatch is one of the most repeated names you have heard.

This substance is actually an additive that is used in the form of organic powder with other additives in the plastic products manufacturing industry.

Masterbatch is an additive that significantly increases the physical and thermal resistance of the polymer, as well as the resistance to sunlight.

Also, as an excellent colorant, various products with diverse and uniform colors can be produced.

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Masterbatch is one of the raw materials that Arya Plast Machine uses in the production of its polyethylene products. Another one of these materials is granules. To learn more about this material, refer to the following link:

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So, until now, we were able to give a brief and useful answer to the question of ” what is masterbatch “.

Before we explain more about this article, we first need to explain what the components of the masterbatch are.

The internal structure of a masterbatch consists of 3 main materials named polymer base, additive, and consistent factor.

The first one (polymer base) is, as the name suggests, the basic and main material of Masterbatch. This material can be of different classes such as polyethylene, polystyrene, etc.

Since plastics are one of the most used materials that we deal with on a daily basis, it is very important that they are made of materials with sufficient strength.

For this reason, a series of additives, which are used as fillers, are added to the masterbatch to improve its properties.

Adding the consistent factor to the masterbatch also increases the compatibility of the produced masterbatch.

What is masterbatch and what is the advantage of adding the adjusting factor to the masterbatch?

If we want to describe this advantage a little more scientifically, we must say that the molecules of these compatibilizers have an organic end and a hydrophilic end.

What is the effect of this property on the chemical properties of Masterbatch?

When these materials are added to the masterbatch, they increase thermal stability and increase compatibility. In addition, their level of presence makes the pigment spread better and more evenly.

It has no effect on the quality of the masterbatch color.

What is masterbatch and its different types?

The use of plastic materials and polymers in the world around us is increasing day by day. These materials are used in household appliances, construction, auto parts, special cables, etc.

But these raw materials have different types, and based on their use, a decision should be made as to which type to use.

The type and amount of masterbatch as a filling, reinforcing, and coloring factor should be determined based on the use of polymers.

In the following, we will give the answer to ” what is masterbatch and its different types “, and the uses of each one.


The most commonly used types of masterbatch, which are widely used in the plastic industry, include the following:

What is the colored type of masterbatch?

Many colored plastic products around us have colored masterbatch. This type of masterbatch is added to the polymer to improve physical and mechanical properties and also to create the desired color.

This type of masterbatch has pigments that can be produced by changing the weight percentage and its concentration.

What is masterbatch and what are the properties of the black one? 

Black masterbatch, available in both glossy and matte modes, consists of soot. It consists of a black pigment. One of the most important properties is its high resistance to ultraviolet rays.

What is clarifying Masterbatch and what are its specifications?

As the name of this type suggests, it is used to remove the opaqueness of plastic products.

In fact, its physical properties are such that it is possible to pass optical beams. This property enhances the brightness of the products.

What is a Masterbatch Lember and why are plastic products added?

There are specific species of plastic products made in the film. The interior building of these films is made up of several layers.

Due to the frictional force between these layers, it is difficult to separate them from each other.

What is masterbatch of lubricant type and what is its role?

The use of these masterbatches reduces the friction between these layers, and as a result, the slipperiness is improved and the stickiness is reduced.

One of the things that are very important to pay attention to is knowing the optimal amount for masterbatch percentage.

This amount depends on factors such as the percentage of other additives, the amount of concentration or coverage required, and the thickness of the manufactured product.

What stages does masterbatch production include?

So far,  we have given the answer to the question ” what is masterbatch, and what are its types and uses”.

In this section, we intend to introduce the production process.

This process includes the following 4 steps:

What are the advantages of using masterbatch?

Whether you are a regular user or a craftsman, you must be familiar with the benefits of this valuable and practical material. Because if you know the benefits of masterbatch, you can use it more efficiently and effectively.

The quality type of this material has the following characteristics:

One of the masterbaths that is widely used in the plastics industry is calcium carbonate masterbatch.

This material significantly gives sufficient resistance to the desired product. Also, by providing the necessary transparency, it increases the temperature resistance of the product.

It is interesting to know that this material is widely used in making white paper and different kinds of colors.

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